Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week of training.

What a week in Citrusdal extreme heat rain and wind and some more heat. Monday night a strong head wind on the way out and a rather leasure ride out and back. Teusday a heatwave 38 degrees at 6 and I did not ride. Wednesday was the mountain again and this time it realy bitt my backside. Felt good and rode out infront only to be caught threequater of the way up. After a little rest I turned around and start making my way back down and then changed my mind again after 100 meters and changed again to ride down. This time al the way into town, turned back and rode up again till I met the other ones. Totally insane. But in the end In did 19 km and it took me an hour. Tonight it is insainly hot again and I am resting for the 99er. Will report back on that.

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