Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meal at Terroir.

Terroir was one of the first places that started my journey to better food and my change from eating because you have to, to enjoying every meal. I can still remember the first meal we had there - it was the wild mushroom risotto and Diana had a quail dish. That was when we did our yearly trip down to the Cape in the winter to come and taste wine and eat good food. The best restaurant bread I have eaten in a long time.

Tomato soup with truffle foam.

Tempura squid paired with Chenin.

Oxtail raviolo with bacon And paired with Chardonnay.

Norwegian salmon with lentils with the top Sauvignon Blanc from Klein Zalze.

Fillet that was rolled in mushroom dust with a parmesan cream, paired with Shiraz.

Baked benana desert.

Baked cheesecake that was paired with a Noble late harvest.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Tasters Blending.

We had a wonderful day at Glen Carlou blending wine for the Blaauwklippen blending competition. We did six blends and then had lunch leaving the blends to aerate for a while and retasted. We then mixed the two most popular blends and tasted again.
The view from the tasting room @Glen Carlou.

Merlot Girl looking a bit weak.

The four wines to be blended.

Curry vetkoek compliments of the chef.

Gourmet burger.

Slow roast pork belly.

                                                        Blesbok shank cooked for six hours.

Glen Carlou bubbly only available in the restaurant.

The six blends.
Maggie concentrating.

Hennie blending.

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