Saturday, February 27, 2010

Health scare.

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Health scare.

Monday night back in Citrusdal and no training not feeling ok. Outside temp. at 6 o clock 42 degrees. Monday night we had screaming winds at one stage I thought it was a syclone winds tearing roofs off and 33 degrees at midnight. Woke up Teusday morning feeling like death warmed up. Struggled through the day and collapsed at home at 5. Wednesday I realy thought Im getting flue, sore throaght and stiff body but around one I started feeling better. Come 5 45 and the northeasterly wind is screaming . We started of very slow and I eventualy desided to go faster with the wind. Went out at nearly 30 km an hour waited for every body at the turnaround and start back against the wind. I pushed my speed up to 27 km an hour and try to keep it there, 5km into ride back the others came past me after sitting in my slipstream. Now the race was on and 2km down the road I pass them again where they stayed until 2km to go we realy raced in the last 2 kms, to finish with a 27 km an hour everage. Totally exhausted and happy I went home. No riding so far this weekend wil see tomorrow morning. My kids visiting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This weeks training.

Monday night a slow start after the weekends ride did a 26 km at 24 km an hour. Felt pretty good and had a good ride back. Teusday night we had some rain and I serviced my bike. Good reason not to ride. Wednesday we went up the mountain and I felt good and made it al the way up. Was realy tired afterwords. Tonight we did 27 km with a strong head wind going out. I rode all the way out and back by myself and enjoyed it. Did an average of 25 km an hour felt pretty good coming back. Last night we had great fun in Citrusdal when the bank teller acros the road from my flat caught fire. Stacks of cops and vehicles until 1 30 in the morning and the whole town came to look at it today. What a night in Citrusdal.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

99 er.

Race day finelly arived, nice cool weather and basically no wind. The start a long downhill run and then out on some wonderfull flat roads. This is to good I thought and just carry on at 26 km an hour . We got to the silos and started turning back to Durbanville where we got joined by the 109 km people. This is also where the hils started. We got on the M7 and then off and back on the Vissershok road and then the hills realy started. My battery was realy flat now. When I got to the big hill 10 km from the finish, I actualy stopped because I thought my back tyre was getting flat. I was now totally finish walking up the hill pushing my bike my hartrate stayed at 135 beats a minute. My legs felt like match sticks. Got over this one eventualy and cycle past Meerendal into Durbanville at least it was down hill and level now. Then with one km to go we start climing up anouther hill to the finish, cherry on the cake. Now you stil have to ride another 2 km to get back to the real finish and my car plus 2 more hills. Finish at 20 km an hour average and totally exhausted. Time to go home and have a shower and a sleep. Average hart rate for whole ride 127 beats per minute.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week of training.

What a week in Citrusdal extreme heat rain and wind and some more heat. Monday night a strong head wind on the way out and a rather leasure ride out and back. Teusday a heatwave 38 degrees at 6 and I did not ride. Wednesday was the mountain again and this time it realy bitt my backside. Felt good and rode out infront only to be caught threequater of the way up. After a little rest I turned around and start making my way back down and then changed my mind again after 100 meters and changed again to ride down. This time al the way into town, turned back and rode up again till I met the other ones. Totally insane. But in the end In did 19 km and it took me an hour. Tonight it is insainly hot again and I am resting for the 99er. Will report back on that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three rides.

Walking with Diana this weekend realy helped my riding . Monday and Teusday was a bit of a struggle but tonight it realy helped me to get up the mountain. I went up al the way tonight and realy survived it. I realy could not have gone any further when we turned around. Had a bit of wobbly legs and short of breath. Comming down was the easy part you realy have to brake like mad and stil speed up to 63 km an hour. This week we had the wind blowing every night. Start getting used to ride into the wind. Getting used to the seat on my bike and the riding position. Stil enjoying it.