Saturday, February 27, 2010

Health scare.

Monday night back in Citrusdal and no training not feeling ok. Outside temp. at 6 o clock 42 degrees. Monday night we had screaming winds at one stage I thought it was a syclone winds tearing roofs off and 33 degrees at midnight. Woke up Teusday morning feeling like death warmed up. Struggled through the day and collapsed at home at 5. Wednesday I realy thought Im getting flue, sore throaght and stiff body but around one I started feeling better. Come 5 45 and the northeasterly wind is screaming . We started of very slow and I eventualy desided to go faster with the wind. Went out at nearly 30 km an hour waited for every body at the turnaround and start back against the wind. I pushed my speed up to 27 km an hour and try to keep it there, 5km into ride back the others came past me after sitting in my slipstream. Now the race was on and 2km down the road I pass them again where they stayed until 2km to go we realy raced in the last 2 kms, to finish with a 27 km an hour everage. Totally exhausted and happy I went home. No riding so far this weekend wil see tomorrow morning. My kids visiting.

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