Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My mom who died yesterday.28/11/2011

Two weekends ago we went to Hermanus to celebrate my mom's 87th birthday. Little did we know that she would die 2 weeks later. My mom never really spoke a lot. She never said I love you or I care about you , but she never needed to do that. She would give the last cent out her account to help you. When  you did not have food or were short of anything she would make a plan and never wanted to be repaid. Until about 3 years ago she was always knitting before the winter for the underprivileged although she didn't really have money to give away. We were very privileged to have her to learn from.
I could go on and oon for pages but I just want to say again thanks for being my mom for 54 years. And thank you for always looking out for me.

Di my partner, Hetta my sister and her husband Simon (Basie) at ouma's birthday meal.

Ouma being serious.

Ouma being happy and my son Henry and his partner Chantal with Di in back ground.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nederburg picnic concert.

We arived at about 3 o'clock in hot sun and slight wind and very few people. De Kock communications told us to arive early so we got two chairs and a table. The weather now was a helthy 29 degrees celcius.

The aprouching cold front.

Lovely food and wine to start a wonderful afternoon.

People sitting around and enjoying the music.

The reserved table that stayed empty only the chairs disapeared.

More cloud and cold wind but warm music.

The Cape Philharmonic youth orchestra warming up.

Lots of people now.

Some nice hot coffee from a vendor and time to drive home. What a wonderful day was had by all.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fine Brandy. By Design at the Round House.

View from the lawns drinking brandy cocktails.

The marquee where we ate later with a guy playing a Sax in the back ground.

Sun on the mountain peaks with the south easter giving a show on Table mountain.

Our table.

The first brandy Oude Meester Demant.

White bean veloute with free range chicken, sour dough and caramelised pear. The brandy was served with a bit of pear juice in it.

Second course was aterrine of Spier pastured chicken with globe artichokes, cos lettuce, cured pork and dill creme fraiche paired with Collison's White Gold.

Third course was slow cooked lamb rump& belly with organic broad bean puree, young garlic and pickled elder flowers with Klipdrift Gold.
The fourth course was Six textures of felchlin chocolate with benana, walnuts and chocolate sauce pared with Van Ryn's Collectors Reserve 20 years old. An award winning brandy. Wonderful evening and meating some realy nice people.

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Box Wine Tasting.

Diana and Maggie after arriving at the famous box wine awards.

Boxes lined up 39 of them. First white and then red. How intimedating tast spit tast spit. 

Anel in her best Magnum PI outfit with heels that got stuck between the cement blocks on the floor every time she walked to empty a splitoon.

Deon and Kim having an interesting time overlooking the city.

Connoisseur Hennie having a big smile after a coment about his cap.

Georgy looking a bit intimedated.

Hunter gatherer just checking if his notes on previous wine was corect.

Box 16 and 17 of 39. Martin realy getting his nose into the glass. Less people now and a very cold wind.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chenin @La Mouette

Snashall and Hennie in conversation.

Di and Anel drinking bubbly.

Maggie being serious.

The table.

The Chenins.

Anel being happy.

Diana Maggie and Deon.

Anel and Winesalittle.

Diana and Anel having a good time.

The pirate at work. No gun no ship.

Georgie and Hennie. Jan being pensive.

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