Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My mom who died yesterday.28/11/2011

Two weekends ago we went to Hermanus to celebrate my mom's 87th birthday. Little did we know that she would die 2 weeks later. My mom never really spoke a lot. She never said I love you or I care about you , but she never needed to do that. She would give the last cent out her account to help you. When  you did not have food or were short of anything she would make a plan and never wanted to be repaid. Until about 3 years ago she was always knitting before the winter for the underprivileged although she didn't really have money to give away. We were very privileged to have her to learn from.
I could go on and oon for pages but I just want to say again thanks for being my mom for 54 years. And thank you for always looking out for me.

Di my partner, Hetta my sister and her husband Simon (Basie) at ouma's birthday meal.

Ouma being serious.

Ouma being happy and my son Henry and his partner Chantal with Di in back ground.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mum!

    You have these lovely photos to treasure

  2. Dankie Boetie, Dit is baie spesiaal!