Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blaauwberg walk.

Posted by PicasaNo riding just a 1 hour 45 min walk , nearly killed me. Good cross training or weight bearing for bone dencity for Argus. What a good day drove around Greenpoint to Houtbay to check out Argus route. Bought some Cape samon in Kalkbay and cooked it tonight. Drank Lamond Sav. Blanc with it what a match. South easter still screaming.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting fit.

I must be getting beter rode the mountain last night. Went up to near top and been able to just cruise. Coming down with thin wheels on very course tar was a bit scary did not exceed 55 km an hour. My average for whole ride was 18.4 a lot faster than when I went up with the mountain bike. I did feel better as wel. The problem with my road bike is when you go below 12 km an hour your cadance become to low and it get very hard to turn the crank set over. Thinking of doing the 99 er but also want to do race at Simondtown. Wil deside next week.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two days of pleasure.

The last two days was about strong wind and good riding. Last night we were riding into a strong wind and then turned back with it . The last stretch into town we were doing about 50 km an hour what a pleasure, hartrate sitting at 179 beats a minute and I stil felt ok. I am sure riding is all about the bike . Could never have done this with my mountain bike . Every ride a pleasure . Tonight has also been great fun out and back , just enjoyed every minute of it. Stil had power in last two km to realy go hard . Maybe I am getting fit . Wil see tomorrow night going up the mountain without a granny gear.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday night.

Very hot 40 degrees at lunch time and 35 at six o clock. Only 3 of us turned up for the ride. Did not ride fast but every body was tyred . Did only 20 km at 18 km an hour and felt good when I finished. I am realy enjoying my new bike. No riding this weekend picking ouma up from airport and going to Hermanus for weekend. Citrusdal team is riding 65km this morning I think they should rather have a rest. They were all struggling the whole week and complaining they are tyred and no energy. Some even went for blood tests to find out what was wrong with them. Only to find out they are very healthy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last two days.

What fun to ride with a road bike. Average speed up and it is so easy to cover distance and race up hills. Last night again I was not the slowest guy on the road. Going out against the wind I was cruising. Coming back a max speed of 50 km an hour at one stage, what a pleasure to be able to stay with the other people and to ride away from most of them. Going up hills is no effort, out the seat and off you go. Average speed up to 25 km an hour. This is realy fun.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walk at Delvera.

Posted by PicasaOne of the hills on the walk and mountainbike rides you have to go up. We decided to do something different. We drove to Delvera paid our money and set of on the six km walk, well that was what Diana told me. Beautiful views and lovely steep and long hills dont forget about the sun. What should have taken us one and a half hours end up two hours some minutes and one hel of a walk. Beautiful but hard. So this morning I woke up with a low bloodsugar and no riding. Taking my road bike to Citrusdal to start riding it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wednesday and more.

What a day 48 degrees at 1 o clock and stil over 40 at 6. I did not ride although the other group rode up the mountain or halfway up. Thursday I did 30 km by myself and realy enjoyed the ride an average of 24 km an hour and felt good when I finished. No ride today but need to get out tomorrow. Wil be riding my road GT.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New year training.

We started with a Big Bang training last night. Every body with a chip on there shoulder look at me I am so fit,nearly killed me. We went out in a headwind and then tuned back with the wind I realised that I need to put in a lot of training before I ride the Argus. Funny, all the racers of last night didnt turn up tonight. No wind but nearly 40 degrees. Realy strugled again. Hope tomorrow wil be better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ducks on Blaauwberg beach.

Yesterday while walking on Blaauwberg beach we saw that all the cars on the road stopped. We thought there has been an accident and to our surprise a goose was crossing the road with her goslings. We did a hour 10 minute walk in a nice cool wind coming of the water. Today we had another ride early this morning. Lucky no wind then. Did a couple of sprints again and got my hartbeat up to 135 beats per minute. Good foundation has been set for the upcomming week in Citrusdal. Back to work tomorrow morning and the start of the last 8 weeks of training for the Argus and the start of a new year at work. New season start end April begining May. Should have my fleet wright by then. Since the first of January we only rested one day. So 2010 was very bussy so far and very productive in training.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Short ride.

Screaming south easter and a slow mountain bike. Did a 45 minute ride and with some sprints and hard riding into the wind. Wobly legs 45 minutes later. Ride no 2 finish and start feeling quite positive about the years training. Hope to do a 40 km ride this weekend. Then ready for next weeks big training and work in Citrusdal.The city of citrus.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blaauwberg this morning 05/01/2010.

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First ride 2010.

Funny that you only find something when time is up. We find a new house development with lovely clean roads and no cars just 2km from our house. What a lovely place to ride no cars no dogs only the southeaster. Even my partner took her bike out the garage, dusted it of and came for a ride with me. Did a slow ride with three 800m sprints from 10km an hour to 35 into the wind and then a 2km rest. Got rid of some of the alcohol in my system. After each sprint I had wobbly legs and burning lungs for quite a while. Have to ride for two weeks with my mountain bike, before I get on my road bike. Next week it is back to work and serious training no alcohol and good food. Taking gran to the airport tomorrow.

Friday, January 1, 2010

01/01/2010 8h00 hour

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Hello 2010

Diana and myself went for a walk this morning. First propper excersize in more than a week. Howling south easter. At least all the eating and drinking over. January the month of no drinking only good eating and lots of exersize. Read about it the rest of the month. This is also my last week of holiday.