Saturday, February 13, 2010

99 er.

Race day finelly arived, nice cool weather and basically no wind. The start a long downhill run and then out on some wonderfull flat roads. This is to good I thought and just carry on at 26 km an hour . We got to the silos and started turning back to Durbanville where we got joined by the 109 km people. This is also where the hils started. We got on the M7 and then off and back on the Vissershok road and then the hills realy started. My battery was realy flat now. When I got to the big hill 10 km from the finish, I actualy stopped because I thought my back tyre was getting flat. I was now totally finish walking up the hill pushing my bike my hartrate stayed at 135 beats a minute. My legs felt like match sticks. Got over this one eventualy and cycle past Meerendal into Durbanville at least it was down hill and level now. Then with one km to go we start climing up anouther hill to the finish, cherry on the cake. Now you stil have to ride another 2 km to get back to the real finish and my car plus 2 more hills. Finish at 20 km an hour average and totally exhausted. Time to go home and have a shower and a sleep. Average hart rate for whole ride 127 beats per minute.

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