Sunday, June 3, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Tasters Blending.

We had a wonderful day at Glen Carlou blending wine for the Blaauwklippen blending competition. We did six blends and then had lunch leaving the blends to aerate for a while and retasted. We then mixed the two most popular blends and tasted again.
The view from the tasting room @Glen Carlou.

Merlot Girl looking a bit weak.

The four wines to be blended.

Curry vetkoek compliments of the chef.

Gourmet burger.

Slow roast pork belly.

                                                        Blesbok shank cooked for six hours.

Glen Carlou bubbly only available in the restaurant.

The six blends.
Maggie concentrating.

Hennie blending.

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