Friday, August 20, 2010

Wine X

What a stuff-up. Drove all the way from Citrusdal with big expectations, what a drag. A hundred and plenty bodies trying to really get vrot. It looked like we were on the Titanic in high seas. We arived a bit late, because I was driving from Citrusdal to join Cape WineX. Should rather call it a drunken scrum. As we drove into the parking a guy coming out in his non SUV was driving up against the curb to put his card into the boom ticket reader. We should have turned back right there. Last year it was very quiet, so this year they reduced it to two nights. No good, everybody arrived on Friday night to get sloshed. Thank God we could leave and go home to have some wine and our own soup. Been riding the whole week and took Wednesday off. This weekend no riding did not bring my bicycle. Cold weather tomorrow.

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