Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend home.

The Beast is back. What great news, the Beast is allowed to play for South Africa again. Now we are cooking again. Lovely morning in the Cape balmy 14 degrees and little wind. Great winter morning. Citrusdal fruit packers have been packing citrus fruit this whole week non stop until 11 o'clock each night. Trucks coming and going and taking oranges all over the country. The majority to Cape Town Harbour by Bosman Transport to go to Europe , The Far East and America. I had another week of fixing forklifts and repairing and welding and organizing. What a week. If this was last year I really would have struggled. At least I now know most of the ins and outs. How good to leave on Friday afternoon and go home in Blaauwberg. Still not riding my bycicle at least the days are going to start to get longer. Racing is on at Killarney can hear the cars practising.

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