Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wacky wine weekend

What a day. Robertson looked like Cape Town exploded. We really had some nice discoveries. We luckily had a designated driver so no need to spit all the time. The best wines of the day were all Shirazes and maybe one or two well priced Chardonays.

By midday it started to become out of control, drunken drivers and totally schloshed students - lucky a lot of them were in taxies.

We tried the places that were not so well known and off the main roads and made some lovely discoveries. Had the best burger in years at Rusticus the patty made from game meat. The wines there well, pricy and really weird.

Next we went to Rosendal because of its good reviews on Spit or Swollow. Beautiful setting but the wines hello really not my kind.

Kranskop one of the really nice places, well made everyday wines and really well priced. We then went to Fraai Uitzicht where we tasted a 2004 Merlot - very nice the only wine they make. The oldest wine farm in the area, been there since 1798.

Rietvallei was the next one, a bit of a scrum but they had 3 levels of wine and we went for the top ones only to be poured a milky very off Bordoux blend and then be told that it is an unfiltered wine. Idiots like this should be kept away from serving the top wines. This left a very bad taste in our mouths at this farm and it wasnt the wine.

Then we did a few tastings in town and bought some coffee and then on to Wederom, also a small farm owned and run by a family. Really nice Shiraz this was where I took the picture of the Maserati. Now off to the last two farms. Du Von is a nice small farm on the edge of Graham Beck and they make a nice easy drinking Chenin and a good Shiraz. Then off to Graham Beck where our driver bought us a cheese platter - great cheese and worked well with the wines especially with the bubbly and the Hilltop Chardonnay. Now back home to finish the day off with some good food and some wine for our driver. A day to remember.

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  1. Hi I am from Robertson and really enjoyed to read your objective review...something some reporters find difficult to do...