Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saterday at home.

Greame Pope Ellis died, he was a legend in canoeing in South Africa. The only guy to win every category in the Dusi canoe marathon. I dont think any body wil ever pass his total amount of wins. I bought my first double with a friende from him for only R500 and paddled a Dusi and 2 Fish in it until it was wrapped in 50 Miler with a novice at Sideshoot. After that all my boats were Popes canoes even with Owen buying his buseness from him. My current single is stil a Popes boat. Now on to current time. We have been packing citrus fruit like going out of fashion. Most of the oranges that is up for sale in Pick n Pay are from us. The best ones go to America and the East plus Europe. The small and damaged ones all go to be pressed for juice. The skins are used to ad orange smell to all sorts of cleaning fluids and disinfectans. So nothing get wasted. I havent sat on a bycicle for weeks now always some lame excuse. Pressure at work is nearly down to normal as you get used to it in the middle of the season. This year we may pack until November.

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