Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a good week of training.

Teusday night was a bit cooler and the ride was quite easy, realy enjoyed it. Average speed 24.5 km an hour. Wednesday night was up the mountain again and I got to the top long before the main team and felt good. Thursday we did the normal 28 km and also felt very good just cruised out and back. The funny thing about people cycling in Citrusdal is that none of them has got slime in there tyres in a thorne ridled enviroment. Something about the 200 grams of fluid wil make you slower than fixing 2 punctures a night. Same with clip-ins dont work straps are better, wel it is Citrusdal I dont need to explain any more. Drove the route today with a stop over at the Brass Bell in Kalkbay for fish and chips and a Peroni Draught got home exhausted chilling with a home brew.

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