Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Argus.

Wel the wind has been blowing the whole night on Saturday. Sunday morning dawns and the wind is screaming. Freezing cold at the start. We got of to a good ride without getting blown of our bicycles.Climing up to UCT was like riding up Suikerbossie. The blue ruite wasnt any better. You realy had to dig deep to stay at 20km an hour average. Boyesdrive was not easier. First walking for the day. Simonstown was straight into the south easter. Now it was not fun any more. Then the run back to Noordhoek some wind from behind and then straight into it. We hit Chappies and the cramps realy started. No more fun.Around Chappies we had the wind from behind and sometimes from the front.Down into Houtbay was a joll, only sometimes a bit of a headwind.O golly Suikerbossie no wind and heat.Look in the picture an d see my shiny arms. Then the best part of the race started. Downhill and suddenly screaming head winds,and a nasty climb out of Campsbay. Then the longest 8km to the finish. Especially the last km and the distance to collect the medal.Not the end yet. Now we have to ride back to the city centre,that wasnt bad.First Argus done. Will tel you in my next Blogg what the time was. A couple of home brews and I am ok. Looking forward to next year.

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