Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day before.

Whent with Diana to around the mountain in Paarl doing wine tasting.What an interesting day. We started at Fairview bought some cheese and bread then to Seidelberg for a tasting. There wonderfull 2007 Chardonay bubbly and then some tank samples of there latest whites.Next on the line was Windmeul cellar, some tank samples and then some of there ordanary wines, realy nice braaivleis Pinotage. Ridgeback next where we tasted Viognier and Cab frank barrel samples beautiful and going to come out as a realy good wine. Then we were of to Ridgeback where we have never been. Nice wine and a nice tasting, what a nice place to picnick plus a nice restaurant. What a good way to carboload for Argus. Now we went to Nederburg that was realy average except for there white wine tank samples. Funny how many people were drinking the tank samples. We then went to another tasting just up the road that I would rather not mention. Laborie was the last one. Bubbly for R62 a bottle real MCC. There wines was realy nice and we bought some of them. Back home to realy carbo load.

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