Monday, December 7, 2009

Bubbly in Franschhoek.

What a weekend. To start off my car broke down before Piketberg and I had get towed in. Lucky for me a friend's wife stopped while I was stuck on the roadside and offered to give me a lift to Cape Town. Drove to Franschhoek and slept in the most stunning little cottage. Up early and had a lovely breakfast in town. Within an hour it turned from a little town to a madhouse, hundreds of cars, motorbikes and people and no parking. At eleven we arrived at the bubbly tasting. What a treat. Hundreds of different types of French Champagne and South African MCC. It made my head spin without drinking it. So little time and so much to taste. We eventually walked out at three o'clock in the afternoon giving away tasting and food tickets. What a day. The closest I got to a bicycle was looking at the Rabobank team riding past up the mountain.

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