Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guild auction.

Sorry haven't had time this week to write a blog. Been very busy at work. In our last 3 weeks of production. Did only rides last Sunday and Wednesday. Hope to ride tomorrow morning. Had a small mishap with my mountain bike while riding on a level tar road. Rear derailer got eaten by my rear wheel. R730 later new derailer, new chain and fixed back rim. Third time I heard about Shimano SLR derailer doing this. Have only done 200km with this bike from new. Not a good record for a R8000 mountain bike.
Went to the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction today. Value of wines sold in total R3.8 million from 9am until 1.20pm. The food was really good and bubbly and wine to die for plus the best weather. Really a stunner. Not as good as Nederburg in sales volume but I think this was really a true reflection of what is really happening in the real world.

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