Monday, April 5, 2010

After easter.

Going back to work and need to ride in Citrusdal. Four o clock tomorrow morning back to work. Another 4 day week start feeling like a Frenchman. Four day work weeks very good for me. We are packing at speed and hope to get our new forklifts this week. ot going to take my new bike up tomorrow. Another week on thinwheel bycicle I think I am a bit of a softy not want to ride it. Time wil come that I wil have to face the facts, and start riding up the mountain with a mountain bike. Uncle call it a tracter and that is what it is, but it is very easy to ride offroad. Wind has been blowing here for the last couple of days right through the night. Realy cool tonight. Had the whole family over . We had more visetors in last six months than we had in 13 years together. Need to look at bigger house with 2 bathrooms.

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