Monday, May 27, 2013

My cat Tarzan.

Two years ago I find this little male cat at my workshop where I used to work in Citrusdal. I had to feed him with a dripper because he was suppose to be drinking on his mum still. After about a month of feeding he started eating on his own. Now he was growing at the speed of lightning and already had this wonderful character. Sort of look at me I am cool or I am your boss. He started traveling with me up and down to Citrusdal every weekend to our house in Blouberg. When we arive home he would emediately be out to terrorise our siamese. This carried on until he was nearly one year old and had to go to the vet to be spaid. I felt sorry for him because he was everyday by himself in my flat and I desided to leave him with Diana at home. He was realy now one monster of a cat. In the winter at night he would come and sleep between us under the blanket with his head on the pillow. He must have thought he is a human. In september I changed work and now stayed in Blouberg at home. Every night when I come home he will be waiting for me and when Diana get home he would go out to fetch her. Until last week When he did not came home. When Diana walked to work to catch the bus she find him laid down on the pavement. He must have been run over by a car. We realy miss him so mutch he had this bigger than life character and wayes to wake us up in the morning by tapping you with his paw on your cheak. If that did not work he would nip your fingers and if you dont respond he would realy give you a proper nip and then jump of the bed. Food time. Now the house is silen no thumps when he come flying through the window and no more nip's on your ancle if you dont pay him attention. It was a very special two years we spent with him. 

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