Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend in Greyton at the Ladle cooking venue.

Dean from Newton Johnson came to give us a tasting on Friday night after we arived. All the different Pinots and the final blended top Pinot, plus there Shiraz blend and Chardonay.  

Maggie Kim and Deon excited about the mistery basket.

Maggie beating Henny up.

Annel and Jan trying to figure how to put there aprons on.

Deon opening the basket, time to cook. 

The mistery basket also got pork meat and a yellow tail fillet.

Jan 406 getting creative.

One hour later the different plates of food. From left to right Meat with potato fish with salsa pork curry and yellow rice fish and chips.

Sweets poached pears and pineapple and mint.

Rice with fish and veggies.

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