Sunday, January 29, 2012

Breakfast at Olivello @Marianne.

          The restaurant at Marianne where we had breakfast.

                     Boules court outside the restaurant.

           View from the back of the restaurant.

      A lovely Bordeaux we tasted side by side with the Desirade. We started of with there 2011 Sav. Blanc that was in 35% new oak for 8 month's. The Rose 2011 blend of 87% Merlot, 12% Pinot Noir and1% Muscat d'Alexandri. Then we tasted 2007 Merlot matured for 16 to 22 months in 30% new oak. Shiraz 2007 was the next wine aged 16 t0 22 month's in 40% new oak. Then we tasted the Pinotage 2005 also 16 to 22 month's in 3rd fill barrels. Very good Pinotage. Now we tasted the Cabernet Sauv.2005 and also the 2009 that is not for sale until 2014. The Cape Blend made from 34% Pinotage 26% Cab. Sauv. 26% Shiraz and 14% Merlot also matured 16 to 22 month's in selected barrels. Now we tasted the Floreal 2005 that is a blend of 33% Cab. 33% Merlot and 33% Shiraz. Same time maturation in 40% new oak. The last wine was the Desirade 2004 which we tasted blind  with a Bordeaux 2004 in the picture above. Wonderful wines and tasting. Sad to spit all these wines.  

          Pictures of some of the barrels in the maturation celler.

                          Fermentation tanks and below the cooler inside the oak fermentation tanks.

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