Friday, December 17, 2010

Walkerbay , first week of leave.

My first week of leave flew past without riding my bicycle once. Been on strong antibiotics the whole week for a chest infection. Today the first day that I really feel like doing something. We did go to Hermanus last weekend and did some interesting wine tastings. The first place we went was Benguela Cove where we had a good tasting with a very knowledgeable tasting assistant. The best wines here were their Sav. Blanc 2010 and the Shiraz 2009, very nice. My sister was not feeling good at this tasting, that's her drinking water in the background. Then we went to Ataraxia, they have only got 2 whites and a red blend. Sav. Blanc really good but need more time but their Chardonnay 2009 is wonderful so is their Serenity red blend. The tasting room with nice art and really looks like a little church. Wonderful tasting and also nice tasting assistant. Now tomorrow I will be back on my bike. Want to be able to do a 100 km training ride the first week in January.

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